Consumer Entrance Criteria:

DPAC makes admission decisions without regard to race, religious creed, gender, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, medical condition or any other characteristic protected from discrimination by federal, state or local law. 

DPAC is a non-medical facility.


Program Eligibility:

Diagnosis of a developmental disability or condition similar to a developmentally disability that requires the same services and supports

At least 18 years of age or older, 

Deaf or hard of hearing


Prefer to communicate using a form of manual/tactile communication such as sign language

A Purchase of Service from Regional Center of the East Bay (or other local Regional Center) for services

Transitioning from a State Developmental Facility or locked community program

Consumer is not eligible for the same or similar services from a generic agency that is funded to provide the services to the general public, with the exceptions of programs jointly funded by generic agencies and the regional center

A desire to participate in center based adult day program.


We work with individuals who may have the following characteristics:

Severe behavioral challenges

Resistiveness-failure to participate in activities previously agreed upon that impact health & safety

Socially inappropriate responses – tantruming (screaming, crying, cursing, stomping, and other disruptive behaviors), self-injurious behaviors (including pica, head banging, disrupting their skin or hair pulling) or self- stimulating behaviors (including rocking, staring, masturbation, etc.)

Aggression towards self, others or property

History of AWOL or wandering

Medical challenges (e.g. chronic/stable) and or non ambulatory

Mental Health Diagnosis

Non Ambulatory

Are able to be successful in a 1 staff to 2 consumers or 1 staff to 3 consumers.


A consumer is not appropriate for DPAC if:

The consumer presents with support needs that exceed the support available in a 1:2 or 1:3 staff to consumer staffing ratio; or

The consumer has medical needs which require the presence of licensed medical staff; or, The consumer presents with serious forensic or mental health needs, including behavioral issues that present a clear and present danger to him/herself, other consumers, the community or staff that do not respond to basic behavior management within a program offering positive experiences within a structured programming environment.

Referrals, Assessment & Intake Procedures

Referrals are generated by Regional Center Case Managers and liaisons from the State Developmental Centers. Consumers may also learn about DPAC from family, friends, and other community sources

 Placement in the program may occur providing all of the following conditions exist: The consumer or authorized consumer representative consents to the placement; The regional center concurs that the placement is appropriate; The consumer’s needs can be met within a 1:2 or 1:3 staffing ratio, staff support. The consumer meets the program’s entrance criteria; and the program agrees that it can meet the needs, goals and communication style of the consumer.