DPAC has a 3,000+ square foot space in a business park just off Highway 880 in Newark, California.  Our facility is welcoming, accessible and practical for consumers and staff.  The entire facility is "deaf friendly", meaning staff and consumers can see and communicate with each other easily. 


We have a large open space where we can flexibly arrange tables, chairs, cooperative games, other equipment.  The open space includes a comfortable lounge area where consumers can socialize informally.  Each consumer and staff member has an individual locker.  In addition to open space, there are contained areas to minimize distraction and maximize focus.


A separate staff area contains copy machine, supplies, etc. in secure cabinets and bookshelves.  The director’s office holds locked consumer and staff files.

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510 556-2750 VP

Staff says:

Being a staff member here at DPAC is such a heartening experience. Although the work we do is at times challenging, being here allows us to develop an authentic sense of compassion and empathy for the Deaf Plus Community. As staff members, it is our job to teach our consumers. Yet on the contrary, I feel that it is our consumers who end up teaching us every day.  In learning to adjust our hearts to putting the needs and interest of our consumers ahead of our own, I believe that this is what gives the work we do so much meaning and reverence. I am so blessed and humbled to be a part of this family.


- Sarah Hughes

DPAC is an eye-opening, positive journey that teaches our consumers new expereinces everyday. They are truly empathic, loving and wonderful people. Seeing them smile and enjoy the program brings joy to all the staff members.


-Michelle Camara

This is a place where consumers can thrive from reaching their personal goals with ASL access where they don't usually get enough from different place.

-Donna Melena

DPAC allows consumers to have a sense of belonging, which they would not have elsewhere.


-Rachel Lyons

DPAC is a safe haven for deaf consumers with special needs who are eager to learn many new things while being accommodated with staff instructors with expertise in ASL present to support, teach and empower them to be able to make important decisions themselves while being integrated between in classroom and out in the community.


-Andre Bulatao

Cleaning and other supplies are in a locked supply closet.  The computer lab is set up to optimize usage by our low vision consumers.  A separate room for deaf-blind consumers has tactile equipment tailored for these individuals; tactile markers and railings help deaf-blind consumers stay oriented.  There is a separate room for consumers with behavioral needs; and another room designated as a place to rest, and for changing consumers.  The kitchen contains a locked cabinet for medication and sharp utensils.  Consumers grow vegetables and flowers in a container garden just outside our door.